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Ever since I travelled to London after my sophomore year in high school I became obsessed with the simplest and oldest accessory possible: bows. Added on a tied piece of string and you look effortlessly classier. Unless you’re super emo/punk and wear red and white and black bows from Hot Topic. (If you are one of these people, please stop reading my blog.)

Bows can make you look instantly chic whether they’re the main part of your outfit, or a small accessory. I love bows on shoes, belts, bracelets, clothing – really as any part of an outfit. The best part? Even the trashiest, smelliest, grungiest, dirtiest chick can look clean and fresh in a bow. Love it.

I found this on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with this bowkini. Where can I get this? I need it now – Spring Break is so soon! Not sure about the diaper bottom though… Can you say Depends? Or muffin top? I’ll definitely take the top though. Good for us flatter girls (not fatter, flatter).

My obsession with bows has become so out of control that literally anything I find I try to get my hands on. My mom and sister (hi) found this Ted Baker bracelet for me and knew it’d be perfect. So British. So chic. And the black and gold, so diva.

If you’re not feeling bold enough to wear a bow in your hair, definitely move towards the shoe realm. I have these Dolce Vita shoes in black and even though they’re tall, I love the look. If you can, buy them in blush – much sweeter and less harsh than black.

I can’t get enough and can continue pasting pictures of bows in here, but it will never end and I need to start work already. And I can make a laundry list of every bow I ever bought but, no. Instead I’ll leave you with one last one. To tie in both the diva and chic you need to survive in my world, just pull a Gaga and make a bow out of your own hair. Sick.

That’s all for now. Come back soon. Toodles. Cheerio. British.