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It’s Wednesday and I don’t have class until 2:30pm so I’m being a bum right now. I’m laying in my turquoise bed with my turquoise laptop avoiding the day. I’m supposed to work out at 12:15 but it’s just not happening today.

Last night when I thought of the idea to start my own blog, Amanda (my Big, mwa Pi Phi) and I thought it should be super Gossip Girl. Instead of “S by S” it could be “B by B.” But those damn art kids said it’s too many B’s and resembles “BYOB.” BBYB is Better Bring Your Own (Gluten Free) Beer. Duh. But I guess Diva Chic will do for now.

Gossip Girl… I still watch that. Embarrassing. But since it’s Wednesday morning I need to catch up on all of my Tuesday night TV – New Girl, Glee, 90210, and Ringer (yes, I’m one of the five people nationwide who watch this show). I mean, just because Sarah Michelle Gellar packed on some pounds doesn’t make her any less hot than Buffy, right? Not. The show kills me slowly but I just need to know what Siobhan is up to you Paris.

Um, Paris. Why don’t I live there? I’m obviously chic enough. Not. I’m in the central time zone right now. Kill me. I don’t even get to watch shows at primetime, they always air during dinner at 7pm. If I really was chic I’d eat dinner at 9:45. So persian. Hey, Great Neck! Hometown Glory.

Oh em gee, no one is going to read this. That’s okay, I know Lara will (hi)!

So back to Gossip Girl… those poser actresses got to wear Vera Wang dresses for two episodes. Bitches. Blake Lively, your top lip doesn’t move but you get to wear a blush pink Vera Wang bridesmaid dress. Remember when you lost your virginity on a beach in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? No? I do. Cool nose back then. Gimme that dress.

At least E! News covered the dress instead of those random CW specials in between shows and commercials. Giuliana, watch out. I’m coming for your job.

Okay, cool Wednesday morning post. I need to get up already. Or maybe just watch TV instead. I think I’m going to have a Free Range Cookie for breakfast. Don’t tell Mom.



P.S. This is me in Paris being Diva Chic in a diva chic bed.