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It’s Friday and the sky has been peeing for the past few hours. St. Louis weather kills me. Like, just decide if it’s winter or spring. I wore a t-shirt to class last week, and now I feel like one of the snow dogs from that Disney movie with Cuba Gooding Jr., “Snow Dogs.” So convenient. This puppy is so cold and fierce. If only my eyes were aquamarine. (Secretly love the movie Aquamarine. If you know what that is, be my friend.)

Well, at least there’s a Khloe & Lamar marathon on today. Kisses. Lamar is a chocolate dipped pretzel rod with the education of a chocolate dipped pretzel rod, and Khloe is a badass ball of deep-fried Armenian falafel. So delish. Look at this picture and imagine Lamar as a chocolate covered pretzel rod and Khloe as a piece of falafel. It’s so true.

At least they’re not a bulldog like Ice-T or a female wrestler like Coco. Baby got back. (Sorry, Kim K.)

There was just a commercial of Cee Lo Green promoting Vegas. He’s actually all the rave right now with his short lobster claws for hands and blinding white teeth. He always looks out of breath. I actually feel my arteries clogging up when I watch him try to perform. Does that make me crazy? Maybe I’m crazy.

Julia (hi!) sent me the best description of Cee Lo ever – he’s a bald chocolate gummy bear. Unreal. Thanks Kenan. I miss Kel, but you’re doing great. Chocolate Gummy Nugget Lobster Man (Hi Channing, yum).

What a diva celeb-studded post. Friday flav.

The thought of Cee Lo is making me hungry. Where are my GF Rice Krispies (Zucker, you get me).

Happy Friday. Monmouth Duo tonight, have to rest up. Bring your A game.