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Well the day has come again – February 14th. The most exciting day of the year, or the most dreaded. A legally recognized day devoted to love. In my past, that love would be chocolate, not humans. I don’t really like people. Hence my blog. But for others, that love can be a boyfriend/girlfriend, a family member, a pet, a friend, or for you loners, yourself. VDay love can be for anyone, and I think it’s time we revolutionize the holiday and make it an appreciation day for those we care about.

Which could be yourself. This ecard is true for some. Those are the ones who are alone this year. Sorry, but it’s true. Send yourself some flowers, you’ll feel better.

Or you can have a glass of champagne and share a romantic dinner with all three of the Jo Bros – Kevin, Joe, and what was the Diabetic’s name? I think they’re all of age now, right? Are they still virgins? Who cares, it’s just a poster. I can’t even remember the Jo Bros songs after that Disney Channel Movie “Camp Rock.” This should never happen in real life. Go see “The Vow” or something and cry alone in the back of the theater. It’s better than worshipping these Jersey Shore wannabes.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day! Just call up a few friends and make it a party, whether that be same-sex or mixed. As long as drinks are there all your loveless sorrows will melt away. Still not feeling it? Maybe buy yourself a puppy if you really need some unconditional love. OMG look at his face.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that VDay should just be a day of love for all. Make Dior Not War. Spread the pink and red and flowers and candies and stuffed animals. Everyone should feel loved today.

For all you couples out there, snuggle up next to your cutie and share some eskimo kisses. And for all you single ladies, take some pink shots, whip your hair back and forth, and buy yourself a Valentine’s Day present. It’ll be worth it.