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I did a rendition of Nicki’s Roman performance at the Grammy’s?

I just didn’t get it. But she definitely felt pretty, and needs to take her medication. What about her red carpet outfit?

I mean, I guess I’d be her friend because she seemed really cool until Sunday night, but if I were Lady Gaga she’d be on my enemy list. Cool matching white platinum hair and outrageously strange outfits. But thanks for not arriving in an egg.

Nicki, I miss your colored locks and tight jumpsuits that accentuated your Queens booty. I’d be your friend a few months ago. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that your hair’s the wrong shade when it is equal to or lighter than your skin? You’re kinda dark so I think white is the wrong shade. Jealous, I’d never be allowed to go platinum blonde. But thanks for not going gray like Kelly Osbourne.

Then again, she’s BFF with Miley Cyrus. Can you say, “salvia?”