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“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair!” We all remember R’s braid that stretched for hundred of feet/yards (I’ve always had spatial issues…) and eventually brought her savior and new boy toy to her rescue. They shared dinner, and dessert, and they all lived happily ever after. Everyone should grow their hair in just like Rappy! Seriously?

Hell no. No one’s had hair this long in years, unless they can’t afford toilet paper and all they have is their locks. Gross. But all joking aside, braids are the chicest of the chic.

Hair braids can make you look effortlessly awesome, beachy, laid back, hot, diva, and anything else you can think of. Long day ahead? Throw on an off-the-should shirt like this chick did and braid your long locks to the side.

Big event? A long, thick braid down the center of your back can make you look important and sexy. PS I want this dress…

If you want to look a little more girly, make two braids with a middle part and pin them together in the back. True story: I once did my hair like this (on my own, uy) in the 4th grade. Ms. Mendel told me I looked like a hippie. I thought I looked Diva Chic. I was either behind the times or ahead. It was 2001. I was a natural-ish blonde back then.

I obviously single-handedly inspired LC. Check out the wannabe here. Ugh. One side braid. She couldn’t even handle both of them. Whatever. This picture was taken AFTER I rocked this look to Junior Prom as a sophomore. I was a nugget/Facebook whore back then and had the most golden locks in all of the land. Check it.

You can suck it, LC. Mine’s better because it has a side part. And that’s an M Missoni shirt that I wore as a dress. Obviously skinnier than you are, Lauren “Laguna Beach” Conrad. JK I used to love you pre-Hills. But why didn’t you go to college? Like, get an education. Beauty¬†Fashion School Drop Out…

Feeling precious? Throw a bow on the bottom of your side braid. Want more bows? Check out the Focus I did on them here. This is super British, too. Remember Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging? They def wore this look on the weekend when they didn’t have to wear their school uniform beret.

And finally, if you feel like frolicking in an open field with your bestie or sister (or both), try this look. Can you say inseparable? Hope you don’t get into a fight and try to run away from each other. Ouch.

Okay, have other stuff to do.

Braids, Blondies, and Barbie,


Fun fact: I can’t braid my own hair. Or anyone else’s for that matter. My braiding career started and ended in pre-school when we braided challah for Shabbat.