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So if you don’t keep up with my other writing, you have no idea about my obsession with Suzanne Collins’ series The Hunger Games. It’s amazing. If you’ve been dead for the past few weeks that means you haven’t seen the movie. It’s time. Go see it. But first, read the book.

Anyway, here are some awesome pics I found relating to my true love: The Hunger Games.

Girl on Fire. Will these melt my iPhone?

May the odds be ever in your favor!

It’s funny because it’s true.

I realized something amazing today. Arrows=Hunger Games+Pi Beta Phi. My two favorite things in the world come together into a trendy, awesome, epic story. Thanks, Katniss. You kick ass.

Are these gluten free? Katniss, expect these from District 14 (the newest District in Panem) during the next Games. You’re welcome.

This is unreal. Imagine opening your Oreo and finding a mockingjay shaped cream center. Ugh, you gluten-full people get to have all the fun. But OMG, if only.

Team Peeta? Really? Cute name. Let’s keep the name morphing to the Brangelinas of the world. But you still look cute, Joshy.

This is problem 6? Really? I hope problem 1 is what happens if they have to go number 2. I always wondered that when I watched Survivor

TOMS you always know how to put the universe back at peace. So altruistic. Thank you.

Do they sell these at Apple? Or at those ghetto movable trolleys at the mall? Either way, I want need one.

Get it, Catnip. We know you’re hungry.

I actually think you’d die while having a drink with Haymitch.

But really, this is me. I’m the worst sharer ever. ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. No, you can’t have a bite. Back off.

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But what you REALLY need to do is start by reading the book. Okay, thanks.