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I actually hate kids. But check out these Thuggets: Thug Nuggets.

Chelsea Handler, don’t try to steal this term. I have my eye on you.

I wanna eat them up. They look like deep fried chicken nuggets (a term I use when someone is extra nugget-y and super delicious).

As a normal nugget (not Thug), I have an appreciation for small things. Check out these other teeny tiny finds.

Can I have an extra extra small Tall Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

Kicks for Thuggets.

Honey, I shrunk the soda. Do you think it has less calories? Now I wanta Fanta.

Converse for nugget feet. Awkward, that’s probably my size.

Talk about a feast.¬†Hey, it’s Franklin!

Everyone loves cute, tiny things. Don’t we all wish we were size 8 Juicy terry cloth pants again? Is that just me?

Small, Small Smooches,