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I finished “Mockingjay” yesterday. I feel like my world is falling down. By my world I mean Panem. What do I do now? Did it really end the way it did? Ugh, I can’t ruin it for you stubborn people out there who won’t start reading. But it’s time. Suzanne Collins, you were my girl. What were you thinking? I’m so sad. Write another one, please? I need it!!! Miss you, Katniss. I guess Jennifer Lawrence can pretend to be you for a few films? I guess I’ll deal.

Now I’m starting “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” by Tucker Max. Wow, he’s an asshole. But at least he knows it. He know how to keep me entertained on my commute. Cool chapter I read yesterday on the train, Tuck. The woman next to me read over my shoulder on our way home. We both learned about the girl who burped after she gave you a blowjob. Awkward.┬áMy mom tried to get me to read “50 Shades of Grey” but I thought it’d be too sexual to read in public. Oops. Guess I’ll read that one next…