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Okay, so like 16 months later but bitches, I be back. And dis blog is getting a reboot. Here are some updates for you 3 people that read this – aka my mom, my pledge mom, and some creepy 40-something who is feeding her/his cats and growing out her/his leg hair and toenails. But, regardless, hay to you all.

Updates since I wrote this mediocrely funny slash hot mess of a blog…


1. I haven’t grown. I still stack up to a sparkly 60 inches. But my hair – all over my body – has grown out to make up for my lack of height. So I groom myself 4 times a day.


2. I’m now a mothatruckin’ senior at WashU and trying to figure out my life. This is me trying out my life as Yoda, with my BFF Al-why-ssa aka Lara Croft. As you can see, I am lost in a galaxy far far away.


3. I’ve realized that I have 30,000 passions and no time to deal with all of them. So, instead of having 58 blogs, I’ll have this one. Okay, so what do you need to know? Diva Chic is now the blog of a dirty blonde nugget child with hot pink nails, natural caffeine running through her veins, and about a hundred desires to fit into her teeny tiny virtual corner of the world. For example, this is me as a bartender – just one of the 9,253 professions I hope to master by the age of 22… (continue reading)

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 11.13.10 PM

4. I turned 21 last week. I have a lot to do in 12 months. Bring it on, world.

5. More has changed, but, like, I need shit to write about. Consider this the beginning of me…exposed. JK this isn’t a Kim/Ray J sex tape. This is just my attempt to channel all my “creativity” into one feed. Diva Chic: 30,000 Passions and No Career. Isn’t life funny? MWA