But who am I…

542873_4102042554301_334697215_nMy name is Brooke, aka brookitaa. I’m a 5’0″ munchkin with subtle dirty blonde hair, an obsession with beaded bracelets, and a sexual attraction to black and gold. I wear a substantial amount of arm candy and chains, and never leave the house without hand lotion and a spritz of perfume.

I currently reside in the not-so-glamorous state of Missouri at Washington University in St. Louis, but don’t worry, I make up for the state’s lack of all things chic.

I have Celiac Disease and lead a 100% gluten free and fabulous lifestyle, which can only be done with an array of cookies and chicken fingers. Not salads – they’re for the weak. I bake gluten free goodies to attract friends and bugs in my ghetto fab off-campus apartment (@whatthegf).

I’m a ridiculous little one with strange rituals: my shampoo and conditioner always have to be even, my Windows Phone (yes, I have one of those) always has to be fully charged, I wear one piece bathing suits because I think they’re 1960’s classy, and I once went a whole year without laying in the sun. My reasoning? “Royals don’t tan.”

There’s a lot more to me and stories to be told, but I cannot hone them all into one page right now. Keep coming back for… I’m not sure what yet – I have to decide the focus of this blog. Oops.

Follow me @brookitaa. If I decide to tweet, I’m sure it will be good. Oh, and help me becoming instafamous. I’m serious.

Disclaimer: The header image is not me, but could be. If you’re not cool with looking ugly you’ll never be pretty. This is me as a puppy dog. Ruff ruff.397987_4328185447108_831298500_n


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